Me… Again

Hello, I want to indroduce myself as I love meeting new people

My name is Mimi, I am icelandic though live in Gotland, Sweden. I am 19 years old. Omnisexual, sapiosexual and lots more.. I am wierd
I am bubbly and random as fudgecake =^_^=
My fandoms include
Doctor Who
criminal minds
all csi’s
and more older detective/crime shows
boondock saints
all fast and the furious
lotr and the hobbit
marvel and DC (love Loki)
And more action, fantasy and sci-fi
Lots of different music, mostly classical rock ^^
Emilie Autumn and lots more

would love to have a fandom friend ^^

hugses to all

Last nights drama

School has barely started and dad has already told me two times to learn to behave better at home or I am out, (on le streat) … Took my knife to my arm and conteplates but yet again, I was too much of a coward, instead I cried myself to sleep and prepared for upcoming dayz, thursday the 4. Of september, I am gonna go see if they wanna use my hair in a hairmodell thingy… We’ll see

Mayor hugsez to all my fellow people in pain