Me… Again

Hello, I want to indroduce myself as I love meeting new people

My name is Mimi, I am icelandic though live in Gotland, Sweden. I am 19 years old. Omnisexual, sapiosexual and lots more.. I am wierd
I am bubbly and random as fudgecake =^_^=
My fandoms include
Doctor Who
criminal minds
all csi’s
and more older detective/crime shows
boondock saints
all fast and the furious
lotr and the hobbit
marvel and DC (love Loki)
And more action, fantasy and sci-fi
Lots of different music, mostly classical rock ^^
Emilie Autumn and lots more

would love to have a fandom friend ^^

hugses to all

Last nights drama

School has barely started and dad has already told me two times to learn to behave better at home or I am out, (on le streat) … Took my knife to my arm and conteplates but yet again, I was too much of a coward, instead I cried myself to sleep and prepared for upcoming dayz, thursday the 4. Of september, I am gonna go see if they wanna use my hair in a hairmodell thingy… We’ll see

Mayor hugsez to all my fellow people in pain


Had a great week, pouring rain, midnight skinny dipping, fire shows, new people and more but then I go home since I have to work in the morning and I need some of my stuff….
Dad flips the shit on me and threatens to kick me out (again)
And when dad tells ya to do something, ya put your tail between your legs, head down and do as he tells ya
Soooo tonights plans are ruined, should have remembered, everything I plan gets fucked up and just stay spontanious and do things at the top of my head… Oh well